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 Murickans kerala real estate website open Bbn Ignbptm CSXphimbn  Real Estate Search F heading ImWphm km[npw. AXn\ptijw District F tImfns heXp`mKpff arrow bn click sNptm hnhn[ PnIfpsS env ImWmhpXmWv. AXn \npw \nġ\ptbmPyamb  Pn sXcsSppI. AXn\pXmsg Catagory F tImfns heXp`mKpff arrow bn click sNptm 8 catagory  Bbn Xncnncnp Hcp Display ImWmhpXmWv. AXn \nġ\ptbmPyambh sXcsSppI (hnhn[ Catagory bn hcp Property hnhcW Cu t]Pns Xmsg `mKv{]Xn]mZnnpv.) AXn\ptijw Location F tImfns heXp`mKpff arrow  bn click sNptm \nġnjvSapff location sXcsSpmhpXmWv. AXpt]mse Xs Place  F arrow bn click  sNptm \nġnjvSapff efpw select sNbvX.v search sNbvXm \nfpsS   selection \v A\ptbmPyamb result  InpXmWv.

 N.B:-  District am{Xw Select sNbvX.v search sNbvXmepw B Pnbnse apgph propertyIfpsS hnhcW ImWmhpXmWv. BZyw display sNp e ]pXnb entry Itfm ]gb entry I ]pXnbXmbn update sNbvXtXm Bbncnpw.

 House with Land

        Cu catagory bn ]pXnbXpw ]gbXpamb Fm Xcnepff building Ifpw (XmaktbmKyhpw, hmWnPy]chpw  hyhkmb]chpw hntZinIsf BIjnp Xcnepff sInS) ImWmhpXmWv.

 Residential land

       CXn 2 Gdn Xmsgbpff efpsS am{Xw hnhcWfpw ]gbhoSpI am{Xapff efpw DsSpnbncnpp.


        CXn hmWnPy {]m[m\yapff efpw sInSfpw DsSpnbncnpp.


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        CXn ^vfmv kn̯n\v A\ptbmPyamb 2 \nebn IqSpXepff sInSfpamWv  DsSpnbncnpX.v

 Resorts and hotels

        hntZinIsf BIjnp Xcnepff sInS, tlmepI, e Fnh DsSpnbncnpp.

 Low cost  land

        CXn 2 Gdn IqSpXepffXpw XmcXtay\ hnepdhpff efpw DsSpnbncnpp.

 Immediate Sale

        CXn Immediate Bbn hn¡m\mhiyapff  Property hnhc DsSpnbncnpp.

 Our Products

        Cu t]Pn Muricken {Kqns hnhn[ current D]tbmKw Ipd M.G. & Fly line Fo Brand  Name Dff Invertor, Solar Invertor, UPS, Solar Water Heater, Freezer, Stabilizer, etc... Fo CeIvt{SmWnIv D]IcWfpsS Nn{Xfpw hnhcWfpw DsSpnbncnpp

 Sell a Property

        CXv Select sNptm \n-fpsS  Property hn¡pXn\pff Hcp t^mdw e`yamWv. AXv ]qcnnv  Send  F Link click  sNpI . AXv Rġv direct  Bbn e`npXmWv. CXn\v cPnkvt{Sj ^okv CuSmpX

 Buy a Property

        CXv Select sNptm \n-fpsS  Property hmpXn\pff Hcp t^mdw e`yamWv. AXv ]qcnnv  Send  F Link click  sNpI.  AXv Rġv direct Bbn  e`npXmWv.

 Out Side Kerala

        CXn tIcfn\v shfnbnepff Fm Property IfpsSbpw hnhcW CXn DsSpnbncnpp.

 Tell a Friend

        CXn \npw RfpsS Website s\pdnpw RfpsS tkh\spdnpw \nfpsS {]nbshscbpw, _psfbpw AdnbnpXn\mbn Cu Link D]tbmKnpp.


        CXn \npw RfpsS Website se kiIcpsS kam\cq]apff tNmZyfpw AhbpsS DcfpamWv {]Xn]mZnncnpXv.

 How to advertise

        CXn RfpsS Website s Home Page Npcpw ]cky sNpXn\pthnbpff kwhn[m\amWv DXv. BbXntebvmbn hcp ]cky sNehpw hnhcWfpw DsSpnbncnpp.

 Yellow Pages

        CXn Nne {]tXyI hn`mKsf Bkv]Zamn (Hotels, Resorts, Schools, Hospitals, etc........) bpff hnhcWfmWv.  hntZi Cymv {]tbmP\sSp  tIcfnse {][m\s Nne m]\fpsS  hnhcWfpamWv DsSpnbncnpXv.

  Usefull Links

        CXn \mnepw hntZipw Dffhv AXymhiyambnpff hnhcW {]tXyInv hnhn[ News Papers, Search Engins, Banks, State and District Maps, World Currency Exchange Rate, Telephone Directory, Media Channels, Year Calander, Distance Chart, Travelling Informations, Kerala Pin Codes  XpSnb hnhcW DsSpnbncnpp.

 Free Auto Motive

        \nfpsS hml\w GXpw BIs R  \nsf klmbnmw.


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